April 14, 2021

Leganés cuts the Ray's streak | sports

Leganés cuts the Ray's streak | sports

It is too early to talk about the finals, but just as the League is and how are Rayo and Leganés, what was on Monday was the closest thing to a final for the permanence. It was won by Leganés, who survived half an hour with one less player and a final ten minutes of total madness. Rayo is cut his five-match unbeaten streak and falls back into the relegation zone after a strange duel in which he never found himself at ease, neither when he was cornered in the first part or when he tried to corner. Smiles the Leganés, which gets oxygen trucks.

From the beginning the Leganés entered better in the game. Braithwaite was as upset with the ball as without him because he pressed any red-hot shadow and lined the goal as soon as he controlled the leather. As soon as the Danish striker started, he did it to Ba and he had to shoot him down on the edge of the area. One minute of play and already a card for the locals.

Rayo wanted to play from behind, not give away balls, but the pressure of the Lega was a seamless wall. After a bad pass, the ball was left to Recio to kick and demand a good intervention by Dimitrievski. Only when the cucumber box relaxed the intensity a little did Rayo start to operate in the opposite field. A good action by the left of Álex Moreno suggested that the field had leaned towards the goal of Cuellar. A mirage, because Braithwaite finished off the post in a lateral foul and again intimidated the Ray.

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The occasion was a warning, and the one who warns is not a traitor. The Leganés reactivated the pressure and the Rayo drowned. Neither did he need the team of Pellegrino a tremendous offensive exercise, it was enough to squeeze and force some corners, and in one of them came the goal. Braithwaite, who was in all, finished at the penalty spot with some comfort, even had to duck a little head to contact the ball and send it to the Dimitrievski network.

In the rest Míchel dismantled the defense of three centers that had given so much to the Ray in the last weeks. Another forward entered, the debutant Franco di Santo, and Ba left. With this more offensive approach, the Vallecano team stretched and the party settled in the middle of Leganes field. Even so, the production was not enough: just a header from Raúl de Tomás and a distant shot from Imbula that went away.

The Lightning was overturned, with the two lateral ones, Advíncula and Moreno, exerting of ends, but the Lega did not suffer. He felt comfortable Pellegrino's team well equipped back because no one suspected that Nyom was going to suffer transient mental disorder and was going to kick to Embarba when the game was stopped. Red and a new panorama opened in Vallecas.

With one more Rayo had a hard time playing, he did it when there were 15 minutes left and the points were taking the Cercanías towards Leganes. In the last ten minutes the events precipitated. First Cuéllar took an incredible hand to a header from De Tomás. A few minutes later, the pepinero goalkeeper repeated a miracle to Pozo's shot, but the rebound fell to Álvaro so he could tie at will, it was too much. With the game matched, the pepineros prepared the barricades to try to save a point, but the booty was much juicier. Only a minute after the equalizer, a corner by Óscar was headed by En-Nesyri, and the ball, apparently tame, passed between many legs until sneaking into the goal. After that blow, Rayo did not have the courage or the football to get up. The Leganés, in two corners, took the Vallecas final.

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