November 30, 2020

LeBron James's Los Angeles Lakers are already the best team in the NBA

The new Angeles Lakers are already the best team in the NBA. From the hand of an unstoppable LeBron James, who starred in his third triple double in a row (30 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists), the Californians achieved their sixth straight victory in Chicago, they don't know what it is to lose as visitors (three of three) and they lead the League with a balance of six wins and one defeat, which they suffered at the Staples Center on the opening day against the Heat.

LeBron is determined to win what would be the fourth ring of his career. And the level with which the season has started is the best show. Before the Bulls he was decisive in the comeback of the Lakers in the last quarter and their numbers are worthy of becoming MVP again. James achieved three new historical records last night. It is the first "laker" that achieves three double doubles in a row since Magic Johnson in the 1986/87 season; He is the second player to accumulate more than 90 points, 30 rebounds and 40 assists in three games in the last 50 years – the other is Russell Westbrook – and he is the most veteran player (34 years and 310 days) who achieves three consecutive double triples .

Beyond LeBron the Lakers have become a block in just two weeks of competition. Nine players, including James, scored six or more points; Presenting the second best defense of the championship and beyond Anthony Davis (15 points and 7 rebounds), James has made Kuzma, McGee, Green or Dwight Howard already important in the group.

The Hernangómez brothers are still condemned to the bench. Their teams win, but they don't play. Willy did not have a minute to win the Hornets against the Pacers and Juancho only had two against the Heat.

Results: Charlotte Hornets, 122-Indiana Pacers, 120; Cleveland Cavaliers, 113-Boston Celtics, 119; Atlanta Hawks, 108-San Antonio Spurs, 100; Chicago Bulls, 112-Los Angeles Lakers, 118; Oklahoma City Thunder, 102-Orlando Magic, 94 and Denver Nuggets, 109-Miami Heat, 89.

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