April 22, 2021

LeBron James suffers the biggest loss of his career | sports

LeBron James suffers the biggest loss of his career | sports

The Lakers do not just take off and the symptoms of crisis manifest themselves in several ways, the clearest, the beating they received against Indiana (136-92). Those 42 points of difference represent the biggest defeat suffered by one of the teams of Lebron James in the 1,178 games he has played in 16 seasons in the NBA.

The classification also reveals that the Los Angeles team is not responding to expectations. It is in the tenth place of the West, with 27 victories and 27 defeats. The seventh and eighth, Utah and the Clippers, who occupy the last places of 'playoff', add 30 wins. The Lakers have accused the injuries, especially LeBron James, low since December 25 until January 31 due to a distension in the groin. But, in addition, injuries, have been disrupted their performance due to poor performance of several players and the confrontation between his coach Luke Walton and some of them.

And another determining factor that weighs on the Lakers are the constant rumors about the transfer of several of their players. This Thursday ends the winter market in the NBA. "I know it's hard, especially for the younger ones. You should not be hearing this kind of rumors that occur every day. The worst thing they can do is be aware of social networks, but I know that these young people like social networks. And that does not help, "said LeBron. The public of Indiana dedicated satirical songs to some players of the Lakers, to which he shouted that LeBron was going to transfer them, in the case of Brandon Ingram, while throwing free throws.

LeBron James suffers the biggest loss of his career

The beating against Indiana spoiled another record of LeBron James who, with the 18 points he scored, overcame the 32,000 barrier in his career. The King is in the fifth place of the top scorers in history with 32,008 points, after Wilt Chamberlain (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Kobe Bryant (33,643) and Michael Jordan (32,292).

Indiana, who recovered after losing all season to the injured Victor Oladipo, added his best scoring mark at halftime with 69 points. Bogdanovic, with 24 points, and Myles Turner, with 22, were the top scorers for the Pacers.

Another team that is fully immersed in the wave of transfer rumors is Memphis. He beat Minnesota (108-106) in a game in which Marc Gasol He stayed on the bench. Everything indicates that his transfer is imminent. The Spanish pivot was applauded by the public in a premonitory scene in which it could be his last appearance in a game with the Grizzlies.

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