Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

LeBron James explodes and charges against his companions

LeBron James explota y carga contra sus compañeros

TO Lebron James he had to live another bittersweet day after seeing how, despite getting a new double triple, he could not avoid the defeat of Los Angeles Lakers. But this time seasoned with the rejection by the followers of the Atlanta Hawks, the team that ended up taking the victory by 117-113.

Since the stands of the State Farm Arena, that was not filled for the game, with an official attendance of 16,824 spectators, far from the full capacity of 18,729, the song of "Kobe's better" (Kobe is better) could be heard, in reference to the ex-star of the Lakers, already retired, to belittle LeBron.

Atlanta fans scoffed at LeBron: "Kobe's better!" (Kobe is better)

None of that changed James in his game and at the end of the game he had a triple double of 28 points, 16 assists and 11 rebounds, but he could not avoid the defeat against some Hawks who enjoyed the growth as a leader that begins to show the base Trae Young, who competed one on one with the four-time MVP of the league.

James made his fifth double triple so far this season, the second in the last three games but the Lakers, placed with a losing record of 28-29, two and a half games behind the Sacramento Kings in the fight for the eighth place in the Western Conference, the last one that gives the right to be in the playoffs.

With the defeat, the Lakers already have a losing mark

When he was "frustrated" and not very expressive was to reach the locker room after having played 43 minutes, tying the longest time he had been this season in a game, and seeing that they reaped another defeat. "It's clear that we can play the playoffs or not," James said in a serious tone. "But you do not have to worry about it," he added.

After having overcome the first rigorous questions regarding the way the team played during the game, James changed the discourse of purely technical language to say what he really wanted and that it was nothing more than a diplomatic "denunciation" and softened on the behavior of some of his young teammates.

Image of the Hawks - Lakers

Image of the Hawks - Lakers
(Brett Davis / Reuters)

"Some guys (teammates) have not played before in the playoff competition," James said. "You can not teach them that reality and experience." The star of the Lakers referred to the lack of intensity that at certain moments of the game had some of the young values ​​that are within the template angelina.

"That's very important to understand how transcendental each match is in the competition and more, when you're already in the second half of the season," said James. "The above means that it does not matter against the opponent you face, but that you must compete to the maximum from the first minute."

The Lakers did not do it, as they did against the Philadelphia Sixers, who humiliated them on Saturday by 143-120, and the team from Los Angeles again suffered a defeat, that unlike the previous one, they did not expect it, and that they distanced them even more of the goal of the playoffs.

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