League of Nations: More security in Spain-England than in Sevilla-Betis | sports

League of Nations: More security in Spain-England than in Sevilla-Betis | sports

The party of the League of Nations between Spain and England has been declared high risk by the authorities, who have deployed a security device superior to that established for a derby between Sevilla and Betis. The fear that hooligans provoke altercations has been reinforced, because at night the English radicals staged several incidents on Sunday night in the center of the Andalusian capital, which have been displaced about 3,500 fans, according to data provided by the National Police . Around 900 people, including agents of the National Police, Local and members of private companies are in charge of ensuring the proper conduct of the meeting, as well as the pre-departures and the post-election.

Since just before noon, several police vans have been parked in front of the bars that line the Paseo Colon in Seville, where at eleven o'clock in the morning there were English fans drinking beer. Just that area yesterday became the center of a pitched battle between a group of radicals and the National Police. The hooligans they began to throw bottles, stools and tables to the agents, who, finally, were forced to intervene. The stampedes along Reyes Cat├│licos avenue and its surroundings frightened some neighbors. Those who were in the first floors had to close the windows because there came the bottles and cans that launched the ultras. The pubs from the area they were forced to close when the police started loading. There were no detainees or serious injuries.

The police hope that similar disturbances will not repeat themselves tonight, as many of the fans have a return ticket for after the game. However, they have instructed the bars of Paseo Colon, especially the British and Irish, to close as a precaution. "In principle we are going to open, but if it were up to me it would close to avoid that the one of yesterday would be mounted", says one of the waiters of pub Irish O'Neills, one of the worst unemployed left the altercations on Sunday. The neighbors are also scared. "Yesterday's has no name. What kind of hobby is that that only has fun getting drunk and attacking? "Asks Dolores, a woman who yesterday witnessed the races from her home in the Arenal neighborhood.

The English Football Federation has lost its forgiveness for the "unacceptable behavior" of those fans in Seville. "We urge fans who follow the team to respect our hosts and act responsibly." The pross will be guarded by members of the British police and stewards private in coordination with the National Police, to prevent the recurrence of the altercations on Sunday. Most of the British fans have a nominative ticket, but they will not be handed over until a few hours before the match. However, a specific meeting point to escort fans of the English team is not ready.

The Spanish Football Federation is also in permanent contact with the National and Local Police. In addition to the ultras, time is also another factor of concern in the face of the encounter. It rained hard in Seville throughout the afternoon.

800 boxes of bottles

The O'Neills pub served 800 boxes of bottles to English fans on Sunday night. Waiters say that they get more profitable what they enter into alcoholic consumption than the expenses caused by the destruction. "For tonight we have already received an order for 700 boxes," they comment at the bar. The O'Neills is one of the establishments that the National Police has suggested that close to avoid the repetition of altercations. Yesterday was the epicenter of the riots.

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