League 1: David Villa will play in Vissel Kobe by Andrés Iniesta | sports

League 1: David Villa will play in Vissel Kobe by Andrés Iniesta | sports

When David Villa (Tuilla, Asturias, 36 years old) began to think about the possibility of changing the United States for Japan, he called his friend Andrés. And, then, Iniesta finished convincing him. "We spoke on the phone and he conveyed a lot of positive things about the team and about what his life has been like in Japan," explained the Spanish striker yesterday, when he broke the news of his signing for Vissel Kobe, the same day he gave a conference press release at the stadium of his new team, based in a city of one and a half million inhabitants, first famous for having the most expensive beef in the world, then for being the destination of one of the best soccer players in the world. the story, Andrés Iniesta.

Now, the leader of the world champion Spain -received him with this message: "Happy to return to share clothes with you" – will have as reference in attack in addition to Lukas Podolski the top scorer of La Roja. "Here is the player who best channels the technical and possession game," said the Spaniard in his presentation, as well as recognizing that the presence of Fuentealbilla in his new destination influenced him to sign for Vissel.

In that same act, the scorer stressed, too, how all the people who have known the club have shown "the desire to sign, and that is very important." It was not necessary to offer more explanations when in the same presentation the soccer player received a birthday cake. It will be 37 tomorrow, December 3, but his new club, known as Japanese hospitality, did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate you, even if it was premature.

Villa, who has spent the last three years in the big apple and defending the colors of the New York City team that has worn the captain's bracelet, will change the American culture by the Japanese and will be placed under the command of another Spaniard, Juanma Lillo, who started directing the team at the end of September. It is a club "under construction" and with aspirations, which received its new signing -Villa followed the meeting from the box, next to Hiroshi Mikitani, owner of the club and the company Rakuten, sponsor of FC Barcelona- with a victory against Vegalta Sendai (3-2) on the last day of the season.

The Spanish, formed in the quarry of Sporting and former player of Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona and Atlético, announced his signing through a carefully crafted video and distributed through social networks. "It is decided, I have a new destiny, a big challenge awaits me: Asia. New trips, new country, new culture, new partners. Hello, Japan! Hello, Vissel Kobe! Let's enjoy football together, "he said, in the same week in which he had already confirmed that he was leaving New York.

"In my years as a professional I had to make many important decisions. For an athlete, those taken outside the field are the most difficult, and now I am at this moment, "he conceded. And he continued: "During my career, I always listened to my body, the people around me, my intuition before anything else. It is these instants of doubt, I always expect something that makes me see things more clearly, some detail ".

Villa was in one of those moments of doubt in his career when Iniesta helped him make the leap.

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