Le Pen does not believe that Vox is an anti-feminist party

Le Pen does not believe that Vox is an anti-feminist party

The French far right leader, Marine Le Pen, does not believe that Vox is anti-feminist, recalls that it is "a split of the Popular Party" and does not rule out a pact with that political formation in the European Parliament.

"I have not seen anything that Vox has been able to say or do that allows me to consider that they are anti-feminist," he said in an interview with European television "Euronews."

For Le Pen, "Vox is a split of the Popular Party, they do not come (their members) from extremism (…) They did not bother anyone in the PP when, manifestly, their theses were debated".

The French deputy assured that the formation that presides over Santiago Abascal is being analyzed "in a very ideological way" and "it must be the Spanish people who decide".

"If Vox registers a spectacular electoral rise, it is probably because what he says corresponds to the concerns of the Spaniards, I do not meddle in Spanish affairs," he stressed.

He acknowledged that they can have their own ideas about the current Spanish laws and said that what Vox proposes "seems to like the Spaniards".

Le Pen pointed out that, in order to form a large nationalist group in the European Parliament, the current Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has been asked to tour the different European capitals in search of alliances.

"I am convinced that we will be more numerous, but of course we seek to expand, and we have the ambition, at least the dream, to constitute a large group of defenders of the nations," he said.

The right-wing leader was convinced that, as it happened in 2014, when she had a quarter of the votes in the European elections in France, her National Association (former National Front) can be imposed in the elections on May 26, although the polls they grant him a short disadvantage with respect to En March, the party of President Emmanuel Macron.

"I think we will finish in the lead because we represent a hope for Europe," he said.


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