Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Lawyers demand an "urgent reform" of the US immigration system

Lawyers demand an "urgent reform" of the US immigration system

The American Association of Immigration Lawyers (AILA) on Thursday called on the Government and the US Congress. to work on an "urgent reform" of the immigration system, so as to guarantee due process.

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In a document released on the occasion of the National Day of Action, the AILA, composed of some 15,000 immigration lawyers, pointed out that the current system makes it difficult, among other things, for American families to meet with their loved ones and for those persecuted to request protection. .

He also pointed out that this migration system affects the competitiveness of companies.

The group emphasized the need to "protect due process at the border" and warned that in the two years of the administration of US President Donald Trump, this guarantee has been "drastically eroded" for asylum seekers and other migrants. that reach the southern border.

"At the ports of entry, the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rejects asylum seekers and has begun to force migrants to remain in Mexico while awaiting court hearings," the document said.

In addition, he pointed out that during this time more asylum seekers have been persecuted, family arrests and separations of immigrant parents and children have increased.

"These policies are an inhumane response to a population composed mainly of people who need help," criticized the AILA.

The jurists asked in that context that the Congress approves a legislation that grants a permanent legal status to the "dreamers", as it is known to the young people covered by the program of Deferred Action (DACA), and to the beneficiaries of the Status of Temporary Protection (TPS).

In addition, they proposed reforms that make the migration system respond to the needs of employers in the United States, which they believe can lead to a rapid evolution of the economy.

The organization also proposed that Congress increase supervision of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) and CBP, noting that the personnel and operations of these entities "have grown dramatically in the last decade."

AILA also supported a "legalization" plan that, in its opinion, will strengthen families, businesses and the economy of the country.

Likewise, the lawyers urged rapid family reunification, stating that Americans need an immigration system that "continues to recognize the family unit as a fundamental national value."

The defenders pointed out a delay in the processing of the applications and warned that the time of the processes in the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. (USCIS) went from 7.98 to 9.48 months between fiscal year 2017 and 2018.

The document also included a call to reform the immigration court system, to consider it "plagued by systemic problems."


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