March 8, 2021

Lawyer denounces assault on the Swedish office of Assange's friend in Quito

Carlos Soria, lawyer of the Swedish computer scientist Ola Bini, friend of Julian Assange, denounced this Thursday an assault on the office where his defendant works, who lives in the Ecuadorian capital.

"Last night, the office of @somos_CAD, Ola Bini's workplace, was 'assaulted' and the 'assailants' took computer equipment with which the CAD performs its work. We called the police!" the lawyer in his profile of the social network Twitter.

In the message, addressed to the Minister of the Interior, María Paula Romo, the lawyer indicates: "We hold your Ministry responsible for the safety and integrity of the human team that works at CAD."

The Swede, an expert in cyber encryption and free software, was arrested in Quito for alleged computer espionage on April 11, hours after the Ecuadorian State ended the asylum granted to Assange since 2012 at its London Embassy.

Bini, who had been placed under pretrial detention, was released on June 20 after a judge of the Court of Justice of the Andean province of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, accepted an appeal of "habeas corpus" requested by his defending.

Since then he appears every Friday before the tax authority and last Friday he did so despite the expiration of the period of the instruction one week before, to which 30 days have been added after the Prosecutor's Office requested the link in the case of a new individual, of Ecuadorian nationality.

Last Friday, in relation to the petition of the US justice. to take a statement from Bini in the framework of an investigation carried out by the Assange case, the Swedish computer scientist said he does not fear any process: "Julian is just a friend, as I have always said."

Minister Romo, when reporting the arrest of Bini in April, which he did not identify, said that two other suspects of Russian nationality were implicated in the case of alleged espionage.

Bini said he had not known or known any Russian national at the Embassy in London, which Ecuadorian authorities have visited on at least 14 occasions in recent years.

"To be clear: I have never seen any material hacked delivered to Julian Assange or Wikileaks except food," he said.

On June 11, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice confirmed to Efe that the United States Government formally asked the United Kingdom for the extradition of the founder of Wikileaks.

A 47-year-old Australian-born Assange faces several crimes of espionage and publication of highly classified documents in federal court in the state of Virginia in relation to the mass leak that he organized in 2010.

On April 11, he was arrested by the British Police at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he took refuge in 2012 to avoid his extradition to Sweden, who requested his surrender following two alleged sexual crimes – one rape – that he always denied.

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