Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Laura Pausini and Alejandro Sanz, confirmed aches La Voz ’2020 coaches’

Laura Pausini It is celebrated thanks to the fact that this year 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of its first album in Spain. The Italian announced in
The Anthill
what will it be
of the next edition of
The voice
, which will arrive in 2020. But, what nobody expected, is that Alejandro Sanz would make a fleeting intervention to announce that it will be the fourth jury of the talent.

Although it was an open secret, the spectators of The voice they can celebrate that the interpreter of She left will sit back in the armchair of talent. So, will join Pablo López and Antonio Orozco, who confirmed his presence last week in the Antena 3 program. As if that were not enough, Alejandro Sanz also wanted to announce, with a video, his presence in the program of singers.

But it was not the only news referring to the singing program that had to be given during the night. Motorcycles and the guest were priming for a few minutes that there would be another spectacular surprise. As if it were something improvised, the program's conductor gave way to a video of another great singer who had something important to say.

Alejandro Sanz greeted from Mexico from a recording studio. In it, the singer congratulated his friend for joining the Atresmedia program and told him that he saw very little Lopez, Orozco and the Italian. To solve that problem, announced that it would also be coach from The voice
in the next edition in 2020.

But the night, once the great news was announced, it should take its normal course. For all the fans of El Hormiguero it is known that the singer and Motos have a very special relationship. We must remember that the artist's last visit coincided with the death of the Motos mother, which made their interview most emotional for them and for viewers.

Both did not stop throwing their shingles throughout the interview, they already confessed in the past that the only thing that prevents them from giving free rein to their love is that the two have more than settled partners. Thanks to that complicity, they had a small live fight as if it were a wedding couple.

'El Hormiguero': The rugged call of Laura Pausini that almost ends in warning to the police

'El Hormiguero': The rugged call of Laura Pausini that almost ends in warning to the police

"Are we having our first discussion?" Pausini wondered. Motos wanted to reproach him for the first time that a guest does not want to talk to him before the program. The explanation of the moment is that the Valencian He went to his dressing room right at the moment when the guest was completely naked and only a towel covered him.

The most amazing moment was after the interview. During an El Hormiguero contest in which they call a random phone live, Laura suffered a tremendous scare. "Do you know what I want?" The guest said kindly, but on the other side of the phone the answer was a threat: "We are calling the police," replied a man seconds before hanging up. Luckily, everything was in a funny anecdote.

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