Laura Luelmo will be included in the new gender violence statistics | Society

Laura Luelmo will be included in the new gender violence statistics | Society

Government delegations have the obligation to provide the Executive with data on gender fatalities that have not been registered in the area of ​​the couple or ex-partner since October 1. The objective is to create a new statistics of sexist violence in parallel to the existing one that will comply with the Istanbul Convention, approved in 2014 to prevent and fight against these deaths, and with the State pact against gender violence of 2017.

"This is the first time this is done to recognize that there are other violence against women," explains the Delegate of the Government for Gender Violence, Judge Pilar Llop. From the Delegation do not specify when the statistics will start to be published: "It is necessary not only to collect, but to analyze these data to see which victims are incorporated and which are not." Data that, according to the document, should be sent "in its entirety" and "as soon as possible", "if possible the same day of the murder or homicide", so that the Delegation can confirm if that mortal victim is for reasons of gender.

Then, from the units of violence (dependent on government delegations) a "follow-up report" will be made, "for which it is necessary to collect data on all those resources and services that have had any contact or intervention with the victim, to have the maximum knowledge of the case, "according to the document. And, depending on the circumstances, it could be reviewed "the actions of all public institutions" related to this area and those of "attention to victims (Superior Court of Justice, Superior Prosecutor's Office, health services, social services, etc.)" .

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The "file" that the Coordination and Violence Units on Women will have to send to the Government Delegation for Gender Violence should have information about the event (where, what day and at what time); Identity, age, nationality and country of birth of the aggressor and the victim – although as specified in the circular, of the aggressor "only initials" -, if there was any kind of relationship, if there were "prior reports of any crime or there were precautionary measures or penalties imposed, "the weapon or the mode used for the murder, if there was sexual aggression, the arrest or not of the aggressor, the suicide or not of the aggressor, children of the victim or disability of the victim.

So far, victims like Laura Luelmo, Diana Quer (2016), Sonia Carabantes (2003) or Rocío Wanninkhof (1999) were not part of the official statistics that the Government collects since 2003. In the Law Integral of 2004 gender violence is defined as that of a man over a woman with whom he has had a relationship or over her children, and it is understood that there is a relationship of inequality in which man is superior to the woman only because of her sex.

Based on this criterion, numerous organizations and experts have been asking that victims like Laura Luelmo be included in these statistics. To this end, a circular was sent to the delegations and sub-delegations of the Government on October 29. The department of Pilar Llop has not specified whether the victims in the field of prostitution will also be included in these statistics; although the Government does understand, and has stated on numerous occasions, that prostitution is another form of sexist violence.

The Observatory of the General Council of the Judiciary, in its latest report on judgments handed down for sexist crimes, with data from 2016, "already includes those women who had no relationship with the aggressor," they explain from the Council. And, in addition, the National Statistical Commission (whose meeting is still pending) was asked to "introduce the necessary modifications to include in the quarterly bulletins of the courts in this area the complaints filed outside the couple," the same sources said.

For Miguel Lorente, who held the position of Pilar Llop between 2008 and 2011, the inclusion of violence against women outside of the couple or ex-partner is necessary and explains that this issue was discussed more than a decade ago. "We thought it was time to start extending this idea, but then the social conscience on this issue was not like the current one.That is why we decided at that moment to link the macho culture only with the closest and most frequent violence, so that society I learned to look from that gender perspective. " Now, he says, it is time for him to reach another dimension "and go beyond"; although he believes that "the data is only an anchor point". "Then you have to analyze them and study them thoroughly to know the reality."


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