Laura Luelmo, the body has a blow to the head

Laura Luelmo, the body has a blow to the head

The corpse of the young Zamora Laura Luelmo presents a blow to the head and signs of violence in the neck, although for the moment, and waiting for the results of the autopsy that is already being practiced in the Forensic Anatomy Institute of Huelva, he does not know what was the cause of death.

Sources of the investigation have indicated to Efe that in the first ocular inspection to the body of the young woman of 26 years found yesterday in an area of ​​embankment and bushes to several kilometers of El Campillo, locality where she resided since last day 10, the agents verified that Laura had a blow to the head.

On the other hand, the telephone is again the key to a disappearance. As it happened in the case of Diana Quer, the phone was definitive to know that "El Chicle" was responsible for the death of the young woman from Madrid. The analysis of the positioning, the triangulation of the data to know who was close to the area on the day of the disappearance. In addition, the device could provide some information of interest for the investigation. For this reason, the Civil Guard has set as a priority the search for the device, from which the last signal was obtained last Wednesday at 8:00 pm nine kilometers from the house and the 26-year-old girl from Zamora. The police investigation focuses on two objectives: to find his mobile phone to reconstruct the circumstances surrounding his violent death and, furthermore, to investigate the environment of the young teacher, mainly neighbors considered of interest for the investigation.

Sources of the investigation aware of the diligences that follows the Civil Guard, that counts in the zone with specialists of the Central Operative Unit (UCO), have explained to Europe Press that one of the priorities is to verify the story and the alibis of different people, some of them neighbors of the deceased.

These sources explain that a neighbor of El Campillo recognized as L.M., is dismissed as a suspect because on Wednesday, December 12, the day of the disappearance of Laura Luelmo, he was incarcerated in Ocaña prison (Toledo). This extreme has been confirmed by penitentiary sources consulted by Europa Press, which specify that L.M. He left the center with a permit, but it was Monday. This neighbor, with a history of violence towards women, has a twin brother who also served several sentences for murder and robbery. This second yes was in freedom when Laura disappeared.

Mobile signal

After the judge ordered the removal of the body at 6.40 pm Monday, investigators now focus on finding Laura's cell phone as a priority. Apart from the deployment of specialized personnel in the field, in the area there is a helicopter of the Central Eye Inspection Team (ECIO) and a mobile laboratory, both belonging to the Identification Department of the Criminalistics Service, based in Madrid.

For the reconstruction of the last hours with Laura's life and the search of the presumed culprit of his death, the researchers believe that it is vital to find the teacher's mobile phone. A repeater picked up on Wednesday the 12th at around 8:00 pm the last signal of his phone nine kilometers from his house of rent in the street Cordova of the Campillo, but in opposite direction in which his corpse has been found.

The objective is to cross this signal from Laura's cell phone with other telephones that were also picked up by the same telephone antenna, waiting for the autopsy and DNA tests on the body and clothes of the Zamora teacher to shed more information about the surrounding circumstances at his death.

Both the Government delegate in Andalusia and the Civil Guard themselves have asked for caution, redoubling the calls to not spread speculations about the death of Laura Luelmo. The corpse of the teacher was in the vicinity of the N-435 and the same alerted about the 12.00 hours of Monday a volunteer who participated in the tasks of search.

This volunteer had found women's clothes, giving notice to a Civil Guard patrol that worked on the device. The agents found about 200 meters from the place where the garments were found, the corpse of an apparently young woman in an area of ​​embankment and bushes.


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