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Laura Luelmo: "Had I known that [Montoya] had returned to town we would have risen to throw him out "| Society

Laura Luelmo: "Had I known that [Montoya] had returned to town we would have risen to throw him out "| Society

The neighbors of El Campillo (Huelva), the town where Professor Laura Luelmo lived and whose corpse was located last Monday, they are afraid "I changed the walk that every night I took with my dog ​​Panda. He liked to shoot around the area where the girl lived, but now I'm scared and I take him to more enlightened places, "María Dolores says as she moves a small wooden stick. "If this is a very quiet town, I do not know how this happened," adds the neighbor, something that is proven by a simple walk through its streets.

"This morning, I asked my daughter to go on some errands, but she refused, she tells me that she is scared to leave home alone," says a resident of Calle Castillejo, parallel to the teacher's home, and who prefers Do not give your name. "My daughter was mistreated and her partner has a restraining order, but irretrievably done as this removes him inside," he admits. "This afternoon I'll go to the convocation, but I'm going because a friend told me she brings me and takes me by car," says the daughter, Rosa Victoria. Like this neighbor of 30 years, about 350 people have gathered at 18.00 at the gates of the multipurpose building in the town to condemn the murder of the teacher.

Most of the neighbors did not get to know the victim. Not even the few in his street, where many houses remain closed or semi-abandoned; neither the cashiers of a nearby supermarket or the owners of the bars in the area. The same goes for Bernardo Montoya, the 50-year-old man arrested for his alleged involvement in the events and who had already been in jail for killing a woman. "We did not know he had returned to the village. If we had known, we would have risen to throw him out, "says a neighbor. "I saw him a couple of nights sitting at the door when I was going to walk my dog, but I did not know him, I did not know his background. Yes, I was surprised that there was someone because the house had been closed for a long time, "says María Dolores. "He did not know him, but the father did. The last time will be a couple of years ago. He always came with an air of grandeur inviting everyone, "says the owner of one of the bars in the central Seville street. "The Civil Guard had been hanging around the area for some time, I do not know if it was because I knew that I was there or because of the marijuana problems in that area," the innkeeper added. "That area is quite abandoned. There are many houses closed or for sale. Many people left the town when the mine was no longer employed, "says a neighbor.

These last days Montoya was seen in one of the bars of the municipality, the bar Fermín. "He came around 11.00, he asked for a coffee with milk and he sat at one of the tables. He looked like a seriote, "says the owner. "But we did not know who he was, no idea, but we believe that the people had to be informed of his arrival and more after a few years ago he tried to attack the hairdresser," adds a waiter, who last Wednesday put him in his Mobile the local wifi password. "It was the only conversation we had beyond the greetings", adds the waiter, who remembers that one day he also had tapas there. "Some potatoes aliñas and chaps, I think I remember," he adds.

In addition to fear, among the neighbors there is indignation. "After so many years in prison, he goes out and commits this atrocity again. It does not help that we manifest, what you have to do is change the laws, "says a cashier. Around 350 neighbors have gathered in the afternoon to condemn the event. Two red candles and several posters have shown the consternation of a town that did not get to know the teacher. "This was a quiet town until this tragedy has passed, it is necessary to apply a strong hand to curb cases like this," adds Rosa, who admits that some neighbors did know that Montoya was in town. "But they thought it was his twin brother, who had also been condemned," adds the neighbor. "My parents were looking four years ago to buy the house where the girl lived, but my mother did not like the neighbors, today I feel lucky," says this girl, who is also called Laura and is 26 years old.


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