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Laura Bozzo's calavario being on the verge of death

El calvario de Laura Bozzo, al borde de la muerte

It's hard not to remember Laura Bozzo. It is known journalist Peruvian that took to the extreme the concept of talk show, with live programs where men and women were received by smacks by their ex-partners or knew secret children before all Latin America. However, the latter years have been transformed into a calvary for the famous journalist and lawyer, who has even been on the verge of death.

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It all started with medical tests that forced him to remove his uterus. During the operation there were very serious complications: "I had an operation to remove my uterus and ovaries to avoid cancer and cut the intestine, an shock septic, I was dead 20 minutes"He confessed to Infobae to the surprise of his followers.

I still have many more years left "

"I stayed eight months with a hole in my belly" and with a psychological trauma that worsened weeks later, once at home, when He found out about another of the worst news they could give him: his partner, Cristian Suárez, was being unfaithful after 16 years together and there were pictures of all this.

Televisa finishes Laura Bozzo's program for a crime with minors

Televisa finishes Laura Bozzo's program for a crime with minors

"I found out from the press. I was in my bed with him and a journalist from Peru called me and I said Laura, they just took the pictures of him with an argentina and the statements of Cristian's brotherbecause it was his brother who sold it. He had taken his mother, his family to the house of this lady in Miami and I had no idea, "he said.

And to add insult to injury, divorce and other legal problems they made him lose the houses he had in Peru and Miami. In spite of everything, Bozzo has not stopped working and considers that "I still have many more years" on television. But more than one will not have been able to avoid thinking about what the karma returns for everyone, after the criticism received by the sensationalist of its television programs.

Laura Bozzo, after a surgical operation

Laura Bozzo, after a surgical operation

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