Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Laura Borràs calls for the unity of the independence movement

Borràs llama a la unidad del independentismo: “¿Qué más debe pasar para ir juntos?”

Go to Madrid to do politics. The number two of JxCat in Barcelona for the general elections, Laura Borràs, does not want to talk about blocking and has insisted that the roadmap of his candidacy goes through earning the voice a decisive voice in the Congress of Deputies"Hopefully our votes are necessary for an investiture, this will imply that our voice is strong enough to be heard and from here to dialogue," Borràs wanted.

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"A parliament is going to be parliamentary," said Borràs. "We want political solutions and these go through the dialogue, we do not give up the debate because without listening it is very difficult to make politics for the people", added the former Minister of Culture at an informative breakfast at the Forum Europa - Tribuna Catalunya with a notable presence of JxCat consellers of the Govern.

We must be able to demand the end of repression and the right to self-determination as conditions "

In this sense, and despite insisting that the red lines of JxCat are limited to the most basic fundamental rights, Borràs has assured that they will travel to Congress "with a constructive and proactive proposal of the independence movement". "We must be able to demand an end to repression and the right to self-determination as conditions," he stressed.

A line that Borràs would like to defend with greater unity. In fact, he has asked ERC "what else must happen so that we understand that we must go together". "There is censorship, confinement, exile and prison, this does not stop and we can only confront it together," he said.

The parties have been overwhelmed by a collective situation in which civil society has taken the reins "

So much so that the postconvergent candidate has diagnosed that in Catalonia "the parties have been overwhelmed by a collective situation in which civil society has taken the reins." In this way he has vindicated his step forward without previous political militancy and thanked the PDECat for his "generosity preached and executed" to "make room for people who did not come from politics" to occupy new leadership. "We are united in diversity and in the face of adversity, those of Juntos against Catalunya wanted us divided," he concluded.

The delegate of the Government in Madrid and member of the municipal lists of JxCat in Barcelona, ​​Ferran Mascarell, has been in charge of presenting Laura Borràs, "one of the most genuine manifestations of the new good policy", he has described. "She is a cultured woman who makes politics from the culture," Mascarell said about the former Minister of Culture, "read and think, something that does not always happen in politics," he added.

In fact, Mascarell has been convinced that through his future seat in Congress "will teach many of the politicians who will find to learn to look at the Catalan reality in another way". "They will learn what supremacism means, political prisoners, exiles or republic", has settled.

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