Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Laura Borràs asks Iceta to define herself on self-determination

Laura Borràs pide a Iceta que se defina sobre la autodeterminación

Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) face the campaign with demands to PSC Y Comuns to clarify their position on the possibility of promoting a referendum in Catalonia. Number two on the list puigdemontista to the general elections, the former president Laura Borràs, has claimed the first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, that concrete its positioning on the right to self-determination and say if it is the same as that of the PSOE.

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"We already know that Iceta likes to dance and dance very well, but she should always try to dance the same music. We need to know exactly its positioning, not now one thing and now the other, "he stressed in an interview with the Europa Press agency, after the Socialist said that if 65% of Catalans want independence, they will have to find a mechanism to channel it

After remembering that the Socialists defended the right to self-determination at the beginning, he has urged them to clarify, although he has admitted that the position of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, is "very strong" against independence.

He has also welcomed Podemos if he wants to join the right to self-determination, and has invited them to make it viable: "The proposals are defended by putting them into practice and making them viable. If they are in favor of the right to self-determination, it is great news, it means that they are democrats and it will be good if we can agree on this point. "


On whether a future government of the PSOE with Podemos would facilitate this right, Borràs has assured that he does not have many expectations, and recalled that the support of the Socialists, together with PP and Cs, allowed the application of Article 155 in Catalonia.

For Borràs, it is necessary that there are brave people at the head of the central government to be able to talk about everything, also about issues that you do not share: "To say never, to say always no, is to deny dialogue. The ball will always be on your roof. We are willing to play the game, "he said referring to Pedro Sánchez.

In his opinion, the independence movement should be as strong as possible in the Cortes to listen to him, and avoid "what the three parties of the extreme right want, a preventive 155". "The PSOE made 155 possible. Their credentials are not very different from those of the tripartite right-wing. In this they are exactly the same, "he assured.

He has also extended his hand to ERC to work together and forge agreements in defense of independence, noting that they have "always" done so, also when they ask for a unitary candidacy before the elections. "I still think that union is strength. To present ourselves together would be a powerful message in the State, in Europe and in the world ", he added in reference to the electoral cycle.

Electoral program

The candidacy that heads Jordi Sànchez, one of the twelve processed for the cause of you procés that is being judged these days in the Supreme Court, has presented this Saturday its electoral program in a ceremony in Bellaterra, Cerdanyola del Vallès. In the act, Borràs has put on the table the untouchable lines to negotiate, among which the language, the school and the Catalan public media have cited.

But also on October 1, or rather, "the will arising from 1-O", which has warned that "is not touched." Borràs added that "before the non-systematic state, we want to take millions of 'yes', and that whenever the rights of the Catalans are at risk, we will be denouncing, demanding and reversing them." "We want to be a human wall with the republican values ​​to defend everything that is at stake, which are the essential democratic principles and prevent taking steps backwards," he assured.

The independentista candidate has also defended that Catalonia would already have legislation on euthanasia if it were not for the Spanish State. In this sense, he has said that since the year 2000 proposals have been presented in this area and that they have always been stopped by the State.

The electoral program of the junteros It consists of a document of 100 pages with more than 500 proposals such as the increase of the professional salary or the reduction of the cultural VAT up to 4%, as well as measures such as the requirement of the Mediterranean corridor or a law against late payments.

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