Laura Arnedo wins the Children's Tales Contest of the magazine «Adiós Cultural»

Laura Arnedo wins the Children's Tales Contest of the magazine «Adiós Cultural»

"I'm dying of chewing gum", from Laura Arnedo Lafuente, is the winning story of Children's Fair Contest 2018 of "Adiós Cultural", whose objective is to offer parents, and the adult in general, effective help tools and different visions with which to explain to a child the meaning of a loss by death. In addition, this year he has won a work that is characterized by emphasizing equality and inclusive language.

The winning text shows great coherence with the objectives of the contest, the description of the emotions is collected with credibility and the death that appears in the story is treated with simplicity and ingenuity of a child, in this case a girl.

This aspect of emphasizing equality and the inclusive language contained in the book is reinforced by an image that is beginning to be more daily, that of girls playing soccer at school.

The second place was for "Instants of a life", a story well spun, with sequences of approach and that perfectly relates the feelings as the years go by the protagonists.

"The daughter of infinity" was in third place. She emphasizes that she uses images from the traditional story but that, although she insists on an image of the girl as a princess, she does not do so in the traditional aspect of submission. And it explains the cycle of life that without death has no meaning.

The jury was made up of Silvia Álava, a psychologist; Pedro Cabezuelo, psychologist; José Vicente Aparicio, deputy general director of Funespaña; Yolanda Cruz, journalist and filmmaker; Javier Fonseca, writer and critic of children's literature, and Jesús Pozo, director of "Adiós Cultural". He acted as secretary Isabel Montes.


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