“Laughter does not have to be missing and even less now”

A week of break brings the NBA and what remains. Sergio Scariolo attends LA RAZÓN from Toronto. His Raptors were the last rival of Gobert’s Jazz, the first positive of the League. The entire team, including the Spanish coach, tested negative for coronavirus analyzes. This is how the quarantine lives from Canada.

-First, how are you and your family?

-Well, the four of us are here in Toronto. Alessandro arrived just in time from New York when they were about to close the borders. Now it’s time for an active wait.

-And your mother Angelina in Brescia?

-I talk to her every day. She is calm, a little boring because she has not seen a soul since February 18-19 … She is very cautious, quite active, even though she is 90 years old. He moves at home, he has no need of anyone, but the worry is there. My sister comes over from time to time to see her. At the moment there is no one nearby who is affected.

-What do your friends tell you from Italy?

-My friends there and I have a rather ironic approach to life. These days there is a mixture of serious news and the typical moments of laughter that should not be missed, and even less now. There are already enough moments when we have to take it very seriously.

-And how are these days in Toronto?

-Here the level of contagion is very, very low … it is growing with a speed that has nothing to do with what is there. What they have done well is to take non-drastic measures very soon. Unlike what has happened in Italy and Spain, it has not taken a ban or punishment for people to take it seriously and comply. Here with a recommendation and an appeal to the civic sense it has been enough for people to take many precautions.

Did you do the tests at the same time as the rest of the team after playing with the Jazz?

-Yes, as soon as the news of Gobert’s positive came out, they sent us all to a hospital near the airport and tested those of us who had traveled to Utah. There was concern of course, there were people who had been very close to Gobert and then Mitchell was unknown. I tried to be as close as possible to Serge (Ibaka) because he was the one who had been closest to Gobert throughout the match. There was concern, but also confidence that the thing was being handled correctly. The negative of all was a good relief and it was managed well because until all the results were there, they did not communicate it to us to avoid unnecessary tension.

-How do you telework these days?

– My work is basically oriented towards competition, preparing for matches, adjusting our attacks against the opponent’s defense, working on training sessions to add a system, but … if we don’t have a rival, we don’t have a calendar We have no forecast of when we can return to training collectively … It is quite complicated, there are no references. I see a game, but more in plan to spend time than anything else. The younger coaches, when these days are over, will help the players in individual training. But the main helpers don’t do that job.

-And a technician like you who likes to have the greatest number of variables controlled, how do you deal with this atypical situation?

– Being as I am quite rational it is not difficult for me to understand that any forecast that is based on logic or on something with common sense is impossible. It is useless to think that any forecast can make sense. For example, I am in permanent contact with the Federation and right now any type of activity planning will lead nowhere, it is doomed to be denied … It is time to wait.

-How do you spend the rest of the time at home: do you exercise, read, cook …?

-I do exercise, cardio and abdominal and back work. In that sense I have not changed anything. Cooking is not my thing, absolutely not, I would not know where to start. It is time to do things that you had left behind, such as reading, because here during the season it is very difficult to take time and now you have to take advantage of it. I am waiting for the news, watching series, walking the dogs and we will end up renting them because it is a precious asset … We will even remove them separately at some point. There are no limitations here, so we try to limit ourselves. You have to set an example, when you are someone with public exposure you can inspire people for better or for worse. It is good to comply with the recommendations, although here they are not obligations.

-How do you rate the League’s plan to return in mid or late June?

– I believe that it is more a hope than a planning. Here you want to start sooner or later. There is a firm will to start, even if it is behind closed doors. I know the teams are worrying about looking for dates throughout the summer. We will see. Until now, everything was working perfectly despite the many injuries. The team was performing well above the expectations it had and there was a feeling of reaching the playoff very well, but this is already anecdotal. We will see what happens on the way back …

-That collides head-on with a hypothetical preparation for the Games …

-You must have confidence in the health authorities and in the sports authorities. Hope that they talk to each other, something that can not always be taken for granted. And first that a solution to all this is found, which is the most important. And when that solution is found, then there must be a way to reconcile dates, but … it is a phase in which it does not give the impression that there is much coordination and sensitivity between one class and the interests or sensitivities of the other.


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