July 29, 2021

“Laughing is good, but some people seem to have vinegar breakfast”

Lucrecia carries the joy marked in the DNA. Since he arrived from his native Cuba, the smile on his face has not dropped. Her vital optimism led her to create the Joy of living awards, awards that distinguish personalities and entities that, from their professions and activities, have stood out for their good work and positive spirit, “for procuring moments of happiness that improve our lives ». The gala of this eighth edition will be held on the 20th in the Luz de Gas room in Barcelona and has women, music, culture and education as protagonists. His will is to “value the reasons to be happy and have” Joy of living every moment of our life. ” On the list of 2020 winners are Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Boris Izaguirre, Karina, Nieves Herrero, the «Magazine know how to live», Isidre Esteve and Carlos Latre, among others.

– Is joy spread?

-Yes. And you are also born. And you provoke it, because it is the way to live life with all its nuances, much better.

Tell me, is it cheerful or is it cheerful?

– In my case, I am cheerful. My mother tells anecdotes that when I was little, when I was sick, I was always smiling.

– Is it hard to see her without a smile on her face? What is the secret to achieve it?

– My essence, that I am like that and it is true. It is seen that my pregnancy and birth were very beautiful and I had a happy childhood, so in “The Lunnis” we thought that this is the time to sow happiness. The problems will come later, but if you have that inside it is something won to face the existence of another form.

– Why founded these awards?

-Because in 2013 there was a galloping crisis, the artists had many problems with what was happening and one day I said: “It can’t be”, we have to be happy. You can find happiness anywhere and there are moments that have to remain. With that philosophy they were born.

– These are not prizes for use.

– They are special, they recognize personalities of culture, communication, science, sports and solidarity. The criterion is human and supportive, of creating synergies, of union, of showing admiration for professionals who know how to create a good environment to make people happy, be it a radio or television program, a humorist, a musician … many of them have, In addition, foundations that carry out social work.

–What kind of initiatives do the prizes disclose?

– Solidarity projects such as “A pencil for Ghana”, or an educational platform for women who help each other.

-Life is a party?

-Yes, boy, and if you read that letter, it is so, because you always think that life is cruel, that things go wrong, that you are alone … and no, it is that life is like that (laughs), a carnival.

– But he will recognize that many people have it difficult.

-Of course, it goes wrong. There are very hard times, and me too, when it is difficult to put joy, but you cannot stay in the complaint. Either you get stuck in it or you put optimism to go out.

– And if we look at the world panorama … let’s not say.

– It is true, terrorism, poverty, natural catastrophes, viruses … but I think we should put more positivity, there are so many confrontations that it seems that nature is wise and feels it. There are many problems and you have to unite, be more tolerant and give thanks to life. Only the fact of being born is already a great gift.

– Can humor be a table of salvation?

– Yes, as a way of life, as a way of facing real situations. We have to laugh wisely, the best humor is the one that laughs at you and makes you think, because laughing at your mistakes is a form of self-criticism.

-And music?

– Of course, we all have a soundtrack. Music contributes to joy, the best moments and the most beautiful memories we associate with a music, a song, it is affective memory. Also, I believe in the healing power of music.

– To have joy we must take out the child inside us?

– That is fundamental, children are more predisposed to laughter, they have no barriers, they are natural, ingenious. You have to keep that child, although sometimes ashamed to get him out.

–Do you know how many muscles we use when smiling?

– I think I read that 37 and if you’re serious, they are all contracted (Laughter). Others say that 12 or 17. Laughing is good for your health, but some people seem to have vinegar for breakfast.


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