April 15, 2021

Latvia removes Talgo a contract that awarded him for 225 million

Latvia removes Talgo a contract that awarded him for 225 million

Jug of cold water for Talgo. The Spanish train manufacturer has informed the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) that the National Railway Operator of Latvia (PV) has taken a contract worth 225 million euros that had awarded him at the end of November for the construction of 32 units of commuter and regional trains.

Talgo had won the project in competition with the Spanish company CAF and the Czech Skoda. After the result of the contest was made public, these last two companies presented complaints related to the valuations made of the bids submitted. And although the Latvian authorities rejected all those related to Talgo, they did accept the reassessment of the Skoda offer in relation to the assessment of the energy consumption of their trains. As a result of this revision, the offer of the Czech manufacturer has reached a score of 99.35 points, for the 97.87 points reached by Talgo. As a result, Skoda has taken over the project by snatching it from the Spanish firm.

According to the established procedures, Talgo now has a period of ten days to present the complaints or comments it deems appropriate. The company has announced that it will challenge the result of the valuations presented.


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