March 8, 2021

Latin American women, means to bring education and development to the region

The "multiplier" power of Latin American women have definitive impacts, and the improvement in their labor or economic situation is transferred to education and development in the countries of the region.

Olga Reyes, vice president of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Latam of Coca-Cola, said this Friday to Efe, who transferred the experience of the global company in its approach to women in the region.

The Colombian executive arrived in Lima to participate in the forum "Promoting sustainable growth and human development", on which she said that the beverage giant has placed a special focus on "the power of women" to achieve impact.

He pointed out that, through its '5by20' initiative, the company has been working with the women who integrate the value chain of their company in two aspects: technical skills and soft skills, with a view to achieving, by 2020, having helped to 5 million small businesswomen.

"When women manage to increase 10% of their sales, they not only achieve a number, but that 10% convert it into food, shelter and education, and it has enormous multiplying power in their homes and families," Reyes said.

Therefore, he said that efforts should be made to help more winery women, artisans, recyclers, receive training in marketing, administration, "but also in leadership, self-confidence, and leave the blame," in relation to the pressure social responsibility that falls only on the woman for the care of the children and the home.

The 5by20 program has an impact of 3.7 million women, of which at least 11% are located in Latin America.

Another effort developed by the company has been to improve the balance of its male and female workforce, in terms of leadership positions.

"The majority of female staff are in the entry positions," said Reyes, who said the gap in the rise responds to social roles such as motherhood, where "many women choose to leave the labor market for a while, but when they want to reintegrate they see that they have to do it in a lower scale ".

Reyes said that now Coca-Cola works to identify "how we fill the needs of these women, whether technical needs or personal needs, so they can actually perform their jobs."

He stressed that the company has been increasingly recognizing the work of its workers and giving positions of greater relevance in their business units in the world, which he said "are the backbone of the company," he concluded.

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