Latin American stock markets close after Wall Street's historic rebound

Latin American stock markets close after Wall Street's historic rebound

Latin American markets ended today in blue numbers after following the trail of Wall Street, where the Industrial Dow Jones rose 4.98% and more than a thousand points, a rebound that has boosted optimism and manages to leave behind the worst Christmas Eve stock market in one of the most disastrous months of December.

Thus, the New York reference indicator reached 22,878.45 points, while the selective S & P 500 rose 4.96% to 2,467.70 units and the Nasdaq composite index rose further, 5.84% to 6.554. , 35 whole.

After suffering the worst session of all history on Christmas Eve, Wall Street investors decided clearly and decidedly for purchases and shares presented their best day in almost a decade, because you have to go back to March 2009 to see a rise like today's three stock indices in New York.

The increases in retail and energy stocks led the gains, with a good performance of the big technology, which adds to the best holiday season in six years of retailers, according to data published by Mastercard SpendingPulse.

But in addition, corporate technology companies such as Amazon rose 9.45%, breaking a four-day losing streak, after the company said it sold a record number of items this holiday season.

An example that was followed by the Latin American places, with the only exception of Sao Paulo, the main one in the region, which had not operated since last Friday and whose Ibovespa lost 0.65% and fell to 85,136 points, after operations for 9,599.7 million reais (about 2,448.3 million dollars)

On the other side, the Mexican IP advanced 0.47% and closed at 41,573.61 units. Titles were exchanged for 7,287 million Mexican pesos (365.8 million dollars).

In the corro of Buenos Aires, the Merval had a positive marginal variation of 0.06% and was parked in 28,473.44 integers. The turnover was 813.08 million Argentine pesos (21.34 million dollars)

Santiago's IPSA gained 0.64% and ended at 5,062.78 points. The amount of shares sold was 78,975,477,074 Chilean pesos (113.63 million dollars).

The best result was experienced in the Colombian stock exchange, where the Colcap jumped 2.12% and climbed to 1,329.15 units. The investments totaled 27,865 million Colombian pesos (8,46 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General de Lima index was also appreciated, in its case 0.44%, which ended in 19,099.23 whole. Transactions were carried out for 263,519,150 soles ($ 78,545,201)

Lastly, the Bvmbg Global Bonds index of the Montevideo floor rose 0.20% and ended at 106.90 points. They exchanged papers for 21,292,708 Uruguayan pesos (660,143 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO -0.65% 85,136

MEXICO +0.47% 41,573.61

BUENOS AIRES +0.06% 28,473.44

SANTIAGO +0.64% 5,062.78

COLOMBIA +2.12% 1.329.15

LIMA +0.44% 19,099.23

MONTEVIDEO +0.20% 106.90


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