Latin American stock markets and Wall Street give a break to their slump

The majority of Latin American exchanges closed positive today and celebrated the good day of Wall Street, its benchmark, which managed to escape from the bad patch that lives in October.

The Dow Jones Industrials, the key New York indicator, rose 1.63% and ended at 24,984.55 units, while the S & P 500 advanced 1.86% to 2,705.57 points.

The composite index of the Nasdaq market, in which the main technological firms are listed, ended in 7,318.34 units after climbing 2.95%.

The day was an exception to the entire month of October, when operators have been driven by the fear of a global slowdown in the economy and trade tensions between China and the US.

Some good business results, including Microsoft, which advanced 5.84 percent, boosted optimism that has been missing these days in the main floor of the world.

That same positive sentiment was experienced early in Europe, where Milan ended up with considerable gains (1.78%), Paris (1.6%), Madrid (1.24%), Frankfurt (1.03%) and London ( 0.59%).

This behavior of the international markets encouraged the Latin American stock markets, which opted for profits.

The Ibovespa of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange rose 1.23% and stood at 84,083 units, after business for 15,795 million reais (about 4,265 million dollars).

The Mexican market added 0.69% after positioning the CPI at 46,275.71 points, on a day in which 12,606 million Mexican pesos (about 647 million dollars) were negotiated.

The Merval index of Buenos Aires climbed 4.18% and ended at 29,334.99 integers, after a financial volume of 1.028 billion Argentine pesos (27.95 million dollars).

Santiago's IPSA closed with a positive variation of 0.02% and was parked at 5,141.67 units, after adding operations for 107,933,600,307 Chilean pesos (about 157.56 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General Index also closed without variation at 18,657.68 points, in a session in which 8,732,247 soles (equivalent to 2,614,445 dollars) were negotiated.

Alone, the Colombian Colcap subtracted 1.17% and remained at 1,395.49 whole, after transactions for 678,611 million Colombian pesos (about 214 million dollars)

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +1.23% 84.083

MEXICO +0.69% 46,275.71

BUENOS AIRES +4.18% 29.334,99

SANTIAGO +0,02% 5,141.67

COLOMBIA -1.17% 1,395.49

LIMA 0.00% 18,657.68

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