Latin American markets close up on a volatile day for Wall Street

Latin American markets close up on a volatile day for Wall Street

Latin American stock markets closed today with gains, without paying much attention to Wall Street, whose Industrial Dow Jones fell 0.33%, in an equally volatile session that the whole week as it started up, had losses at mid session and ended mixed thanks to the Nasdaq's last-minute push.

Thus, the New York reference indicator ended at 23,062.40 points and the selective S & P 500 fell 0.12% to 2,485.74 points, unlike the Nasdaq composite index, which rose 0.08% to 6,584.52. whole.

The last 15 days have become a continuous up and down, with some intraday earnings record in the Dow Jones, but with losses that put the three main stock indices on track to their worst performance in December since the Great Depression.

Added to this are the problems that investors are facing: the US Government. closed for lack of budget agreement, rising interest rates, without a trade agreement with China and fear of signs of slowing economic growth internationally.

Things were better on the Old Continent, with rises in London (2.27%), Paris (1.74%), Frankfurt (1.71%), Madrid (1.55%) and Milan (1.44%). ).

One example, the European, followed by Latin American markets, led by Sao Paulo, the main in the region, where the Ibovespa climbed 2.84% and jumped to 87,887 points, after operations for 11,330 million reais (2,927 million of dollars).

In Mexico, the CPI improved by 0.13% and closed at 41,471.03 units. Securities were exchanged for 9,905 million Mexican pesos (502.5 million dollars).

The Merval of the Buenos Aires corro increased 2.62% and advanced to 30,292.55 whole. The turnover totaled 570.01 million Argentine pesos (15.13 million dollars)

Santiago's IPSA was also increased, in its case 0.69%, which ended at 5,105.43 points. The amount of shares sold was 82,212,411,720 Chilean pesos (119.14 million dollars).

In the Colombian stock exchange, the Colcap had a positive marginal variation of 0.07% and arrived at 1,325.93 units. The investments totaled 43,383 million Colombian pesos (13.35 million dollars)

The S & P / BVL Peru General de Lima index appreciated 0.52% and ended at 19,305.02 integers. Transactions were made for 13,488,819 soles (3,997,279 dollars).

Lastly, the Bvmbg Global Bonds index of the Parque de Montevideo grew by a slight 0.08% to 106.70 points. They exchanged papers for 973,297 Uruguayan pesos ($ 30,082).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +2.84% 87,887

MEXICO +0.13% 41,471.03

BUENOS AIRES +2.62% 30,292.55

SANTIAGO +0.69% 5.105,43

COLOMBIA +0.07% 1,325.93

LIMA +0.52% 19.305,02

MONTEVIDEO +0.08% 106.70


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