May 16, 2021

Latin American markets close mixed in a day of Wall Street rises

Latin American markets close mixed in a day of Wall Street rises

Latin American stock markets closed today divided between purchases and sales, after taking an uneven picture of what happened on Wall Street, where the Industrial Dow Jones rose 0.65%, partly encouraged by the response of Chinese authorities to the uncertainty about their economic future.

Thus, the New York reference indicator reached 24,065.59 points, while the selective S & P 500 gained 1.07% to 2,610.30 units and the Nasdaq composite index grew 1.71% to 7,023.83.

Investors were optimistic China's insistence on introducing measures to halt the economic slump, especially after high-ranking officials on Tuesday emphasized tax cuts aimed at manufacturing firms affected by the US trade war. and to SMEs, which face financing difficulties.

All this after the latest data on China's imports and exports were worse than the markets expected and had raised fears of a slowdown in economic growth.

Similar panorama was experienced in Europe, where they rose London (0.58%), Paris (0.49%), Madrid (0.36%) and Frankfurt (0.33%), with only losses in Milan (-0, 03%).

A double example before which the Latin American squares reacted differently, with that of Sao Paulo, the main one in the region, on the side of the red numbers after the Ibovespa fell by 0.44% and stood at 94,055 points, after operations for 14,951 million reais (4,012 million dollars).

Worse was the Merval of Buenos Aires, which fell 0.62% to 33,562.54 units. The turnover totaled 554.57 million Argentine pesos (14.59 million dollars).

In the corro of Colombia, the Colcap underwent a negative marginal variation of 0.01% and ended in 1.393,09 integers. The investments totaled 105,046 million Colombian pesos (32.4 million dollars).

There was also a decline in the S & P / BVL Peru General Lima index (-0.66%), which ended in 19,538.41 points. Transactions were made for 18,816,461 soles (5,628,615 dollars).

On the contrary, the IPC Mexico stock market advanced 0.47% and reached 43,603.62 units. Securities were exchanged for 22,442 million Mexican pesos (1,181 million dollars).

It was followed by Santiago's IPSA, which grew by 0.31% and scored 5,373.92 in whole. The amount of shares sold was 120,851,640,661 Chilean pesos (179.30 million dollars).

Lastly, the Bvmbg Global Bonds index of the Montevideo market appreciated by 0.06% and reached 108.32 points. They exchanged papers for 58,859,473 Uruguayan pesos ($ 1,801,724).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO -0.44% 94,055

MEXICO +0.47% 43,603.62

BUENOS AIRES -0.62% 33,562.54

SANTIAGO +0.31% 5,373.92

COLOMBIA -0.01% 1,393.09

LIMA -0.66% 19,538.41

MONTEVIDEO +0.06% 108.32


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