Latin American markets close mixed following the wake of Wall Street and Europe

Latin American markets close mixed following the wake of Wall Street and Europe

Latin American stock markets ended today mixed after following in the footsteps of Wall Street, where the Industrial Dow Jones rose 0.26% after a day without a clear north in which only highlighted the rise of Procter & Gamble, close to 9%.

Thus, the New York reference indicator stood at 25,444.34 points, unlike what happened with the selective S & P 500, which was 0.04% down to 2,767.78 units, and the Nasdaq composite index, which lost a 0.48% up to 7,449.03 integers.

Although the three indexes closed with gains the week, until now October has been presented as a month with red numbers and depreciations: more than 3%, in the case of the Dow and the S & P 500 and more than 7%, in the of the Nasdaq.

All this, in part, due to investor concerns about aspects such as the rise in interest rates, geopolitical tensions and the fear of a slowdown in the global economy, although the quarterly results season seems to tip the balance towards the other side.

In that sense, today the personal care products company Procter & Gamble had a great prominence in the markets, which released financial accounts of its first quarter of fiscal year 2019 better than anticipated and that allowed it to jump on the Dow Jones. 8.80%.

Also divided between purchases and sales were the main stock exchanges of the Old Continent, with decreases in Paris (-0.63%), Frankfurt (-0.31%) and Milan (-0.04%) and increases in London (0.32%) and Madrid (0.03%).

A double example that was followed by the Latin American markets, including on the earnings side of São Paulo, the main one in the region, whose Ibovespa advanced 0.44% and ended at 84,219 points, after operations of 11,685 million euros. real (about 3.145 million dollars).

In Mexico, the CPI appreciated 0.88% and closed at 47,437.45 units. Securities were exchanged for 14,000 million Mexican pesos (about 726.5 million dollars).

The best result, however, was presented in the corro of Buenos Aires, after the Merval grew by 1.07% and jumped to 28,673.28 integers. The turnover totaled 493.03 million Argentine pesos (13.49 million dollars).

Santiago's IPSA experienced a positive marginal variation of 0.01% and stood at 5,119.66 points. The amount of shares sold was 497,148,208,400 Chilean pesos (730.02 million dollars)

On the contrary, the Colcap of the Colombian stock exchange depreciated 0.61% and fell to 1,452.38 units. The investments totaled 76,355 million Colombian pesos (24.7 million dollars).

In Lima, the S & P / BVL Peru General Index suffered a decline of 0.89% and totaled 18,895.09. Transactions were made for 31,803,635 soles ($ 9,530,607)

Finally, the Bvmbg Global Bonds index of the Montevideo wood fell 0.63% to 104.19 points. Papers changed by 159,218,343 Uruguayan pesos (about 4,857,179 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +0.44% 84,219

MEXICO +0.88% 47,437.45

BUENOS AIRES +1.07% 28,673.28

SANTIAGO +0.01% 5.119.66

COLOMBIA -0.61% 1.452,38

LIMA -0.89% 18,895.09

MONTEVIDEO -0.63% 104.19


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