Latin American markets close mixed despite new rise in Wall Street

Latin American markets close mixed despite new rise in Wall Street

Latin American stock markets were divided today between purchases and sales without following uniformly to Wall Street, where the Industrial Dow Jones rose 1.14% in a comeback in the last 8 minutes of the session, in a new episode of the roller coaster that has lived during December.

Thus, the New York reference indicator, which lost up to 600 points during the day, finally reached 23,138.82 units, while the selective S & P 500 rose 0.86% to 2,488.83 whole and the composite index of the market Nasdaq rose 0.38% to 6,579.49 points.

The three indices experienced a rebound in the last few bars, showing once again the volatility that is characterizing the New York parquet this month.

On Wednesday, the shares presented their best day in almost a decade, with a rise that was not registered since March 2009, just after suffering the worst day of Christmas Eve in history, part of one of the worst months of December that was remember

There were different things in Europe, with sharp declines in Frankfurt (-2.37%), Milan (-1.81%), London (-1.51%), Madrid (-1.38%) and Paris (- 0.60%).

Before such contrasting messages, the Latin American squares were divided, with that of Sao Paulo, the main one of the region, on the side of the blue numbers, after the Ibolvespa rose 0.38% and reached 85,460 points, after operations for 9,780.7 million reais (2,509.8 million dollars).

The best result was presented in Buenos Aires, whose Merval climbed 3.67% and climbed to 29,519.37 units. The turnover totaled 765.02 million Argentine pesos (19.97 million dollars).

In the stock market of Santiago, the Ipsa had a positive marginal variation of 0.03% and scored 5,064.09 integers. The amount of shares sold was 127,229,762,879 Chilean pesos (183.06 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General de Lima index also appreciated, in its case 0.56%, with what ended at 19,206.79 points. Transactions were made for 28,132,055 soles ($ 8,353,988)

On the contrary, the CPI of the Mexican stock market fell by 0.37% and fell to 41,417.85 units. Titles were exchanged for 8,569 million Mexican pesos (about 435.8 million dollars).

It was followed by the Colombian Colcap, which depreciated 0.31% and ended in 1.324,99 whole. The investments totaled 43,807 million Colombian pesos (about 13.3 million dollars)

Lastly, the Bvmbg Global Bonds index of the Montevideo wood yielded 0.27% and stood at 106.61 points. Papers 11,950,767 Uruguayan pesos (370,133 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +0.38% 85,460

MEXICO -0.37% 41,417.85

BUENOS AIRES +3.67% 29,519.37

SANTIAGO +0.03% 5,064.09

COLOMBIA -0.31% 1.324,99

LIMA +0.56% 19,206.79

MONTEVIDEO -0.27% 106.61


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