July 24, 2021

Latin America, the region that advances the most in the participation of women in the media

Latin America, the region that advances the most in the participation of women in the media

The representative of UN Women Colombia, Ana Güezmes García, said today that Latin America is the region that moves faster globally in terms of women's participation in the media.

"In the year 95 there was a 16% of women who gave news and now we are close to 30%," said Güezmes, who participates in the Latin American Summit of Communication, Creativity, Innovation and Marketing + Cartagena in the Colombian city of Colombia.

However, in advertising the advance is a bit slower since for 2017 of the total creative management positions in the world only 3% was in the hands of women.

Despite these achievements in the media, and after ensuring that she has "hope" that genuine gender equity and equality will be achieved, the official said that Latin America is still experiencing "an epidemic of gender-based violence in almost all countries. "

"Latin America is experiencing a paradox, on the one hand it is the region of feminicide, where sexist violence is killing women and, on the other hand, in terms of political participation in the Congresses, it is the region that is going most forward," he added. .

Also, the representative of the UN stressed that the region is a scenario of opportunity because there is talent, public policy and citizen mobilization.

In fact, during his participation in the Cartagena summit, he highlighted events such as the "Ni una menos" movement in Argentina; the marches in Chilean universities against sexual violence, the movements in Mexico to say "Not one more" and those that have taken place in Colombia, where women build peace in the territories.

On Colombia, Güezmes said that "there is talent, a public policy, a legislative framework and a will that has already been expressed by the different branches of the Government to take decisive steps towards that common future of equality."

However, the main challenge is to make rights a reality and to break the inequality and discrimination gaps.

Therefore, the leader of UN Women in Colombia warned that "policies have to respond much more quickly so that those rights that the country already has in its laws become a reality."

In that sense, he indicated that the commitment and the call of UN Women is to make a great pact because the problem is not going to be solved by the government alone but an alliance that includes all the political parties, the media and the General population.

Finally, Güezmes announced that on October 10 the UN Women Colombia office will launch the report "The progress of women in Colombia."


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