May 10, 2021

Latin America rising in its corros with a Wall Street that falls in the day

Latin America rising in its corros with a Wall Street that falls in the day

Latin American stock markets closed higher today with a Wall Street that showed losses in a volatile day due to the commercial tension between the US. and China and optimism for the news from the Federal Reserve (fed).

In the New York corridor, the Industrial Dow Jones lost 0.11% to settle at 25,338.84 units, the selective S & P 500 slipped 0.22% and stood at 2737.80 points and the composite index of the Nasdaq market lost 0.25% up to 7,273.08 integers.

The pessimism before a possible commercial agreement between the USA and China marked the day on Wall Street, which although in the middle session rallied due to the news from the Fed, fell again cutting a winning streak that would have lasted four days.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell encouraged markets on Wednesday by placing interest rates close to a neutral level, and today the minutes were not surprising, so analysts point to an expected rise in the price of money. in December.

The US square breaks a three-day winning streak, after the market spread of fear that the and China, which have been fighting for months, have failed to reach an agreement at the G20 meeting that starts tomorrow in Buenos Aires.

The Latin American places gave a change in their behavior to show positive rates.

In Sao Paulo, the Ibovespa index advanced 0.51% and stood at 89,709 units to establish a new historical maximum, driven by the rise in oil prices, after doing business for 13,229 million reais (about 3,430 million of dollars).

The Price and Quotation Index (CPI) in Mexico appreciated by 2.25% and closed at 41,913.45 points, after movements of 15,549 million Mexican pesos (about 767 million dollars).

The Merval index of Buenos Aires closed with an increase of 1.10%, to 31,482.58 integers, after making operations for 337.96 million Argentine pesos (about 8.76 million dollars).

The Santiago stock exchange posted a rise of 0.67% in its main index, the IPSA, which closed at 5,148.47 units, with an amount of the shares traded for 69,303,961,108 Chilean pesos (about 103.43 million dollars).

In Colombia Colcap added 0.12% that closed at 1,386.80 points, after an exchange of papers for 115,364 million Colombian pesos (about 35.6 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General Index with 19,303.62 units registered an increase of 0.50%, on a day in which papers were exchanged for 18,966,192 soles (about 5,615,453 dollars).

On the contrary, the Global Bonds index of Montevideo fell by 0.11% to 102.92, after transactions for 24,844,082 Uruguayan pesos (about 767,517 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +0.51% 89,709

MEXICO +2.25% 41,913.45

BUENOS AIRES +1.10% 31,482.58

SANTIAGO +0.67% 5.148,47

COLOMBIA +0.12% 1,386.80

LIMA +0.50% 19.303.62

MONTEVIDEO -0.11% 102.92.


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