Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Latin America and Wall Street closed in positive, but Buenos Aires worries

Latin America and Wall Street closed in positive, but Buenos Aires worries

The positive terrain was preferred by most of the major Latin American financial centers that added to the impetus of Wall Street, which went decisively on Wednesday towards the green zone, but with a clear exception of Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

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In the New York parquet, the Industrial Dow Jones, its main index, added 0.15% to 26,218.13 points, while the S & P 500 rose 0.21% to 2,873.40 units.

The Nasdaq, a benchmark for technology giants, rebounded 0.60% to 7,895.55 integers.

The achievement of a long-awaited agreement between the US and Chinese delegations in the new round of negotiations that began on Wednesday boosted the New York parquet floor, but the sensation was on the point of not being transmitted to the rest of the continent, given a worrying closing as the of the Buenos Aires stock exchange.

In the Argentine capital, the S & P Merval slid 3.76% to fall to 31,765.11 points, a fall conditioned by the effect on assets has the non-working day on Tuesday, festive for the commemoration of the day of the veterans of the Falklands War.

In the Buenosairean day securities were exchanged for an amount of 580.8 million pesos (13.54 million dollars).

It was also a somewhat problematic day for the Ibovespa of Sao Paulo, which fell 0.94% to close on 94,493 integers, on a Wednesday marked by caution before the progress of the reforms to the retirement system proposed by President Jair Bolsonaro .

In the corro paulista transactions were carried out for 13,676 million reals (about 3.525 million dollars).

But the rest of the places came to the rescue. In Colombia, the Colcap reached 1,590.64 points, rising by 0.70%, after transactions of 143,834 million Colombian pesos (about 46 million dollars).

A little less vigorous was the rise in Santiago, where the IPSA "poked its head" by 0.28%, recording a total of 5,222.96 in its digital, resulting from negotiations for 160,064,281,613 Chilean pesos (about 237). , 83 million dollars).

In Lima, the S & P / BVL Peru General Index also performed well, finishing 0.22% higher than on Tuesday, leaving a record of 21,151.66 units, after a wheel that reported operations for 40,853,495. soles (equivalent to 12,340,581 dollars).

The CPI of Mexico did not want to be left behind in the ratio of the positives when entering a 0.03% entry in the good zone and reaching 43,339.75 units.

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO -0.94% 94,493

MEXICO +0.03% 43,339.75

BUENOS AIRES -3.76% 31.765,11

SANTIAGO +0.28% 5,222.96

COLOMBIA +0.70% 1,590.64

LIMA +0.22% 21,151.66



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