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The Government faces the final stretch of the political year with a tight agenda marked above all by the debate on the state of the nation that will be held starting tomorrow in Congress. It will be the first parliamentary appointment of this type since 2015 and therefore the first of Pedro Sánchez as head of the Executive. The leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will occupy a seat in Congress but will not intervene.

The political news during the weekend has shaken her the publication of some audios recorded by former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo during a meeting with the director of La Sexta, Antonio García Ferreras, and the director of Atresmedia, Mauricio Casals. In these conversations, the origin of the false information published in various media about an alleged bank account opened by Pablo Iglesias and to which the government of Nicolás Maduro would have transferred $272,000 is revealed. Four Latin American presidents have shown their support for the former Podemos leader.

This Monday there are two things on the agenda. On the one hand, the Council of Ministers is brought forward one day, for tomorrow's debate; and on the other, the General Council of the Judiciary is meeting to address the reform of the PSOE with which it seeks to unlock the renewal of the Constitutional.

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