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Miguel Ángel Blanco's sister, on the approach of 'Txapote': "Unbearable humiliation towards the victims"

María del Mar Blanco, sister of the PP councilor Miguel Ángel Blanco assassinated by ETA in 1997, has assured that "the humiliation of this Government towards the victims" is "unbearable" after giving know the decision of the Ministry of the Interior to bring 13 prisoners of the terrorist organization closer to Euskadiincluding Francisco Javier García Gaztelu, alias 'Txapote', convicted -among others- for the murder of the 'popular' leader.

The PP regional deputy, president of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation, has stated that “the pain that is felt” is “unbearable”. “Today again the victims cry and the murderers celebrate”, she has written on Twitter.

The humiliation of this government towards the victims is unbearable.

The pain you feel is unbearable. Today again the victims cry and the murderers celebrate. #BastaYa

– María del Mar Blanco Garrido (@MariMarBlanco_) August 31, 2022

'Txapote' was transferred in March 2021 from the Huelva prison to the Madrid-Estremera prison, within the framework of the rapprochement policy. García Gaztelu is serving a sentence for 14 murders, including that of Miguel Ángel Blanco, Gregorio Ordóñez, Fernando Múgica Herzog and Fernando Buesa. His release from prison is not expected before February 2031, according to what legal sources informed Europa Press in July, when the 25th anniversary of the Ermua councilman's crime was commemorated.

Arrested in France in 2001, 'Txapote' was part of the 'hard wing' of the terrorist group, having never shown remorse for his crimes. Interior has indicated in a statement that he is serving a cumulative sentence of 30 years and that the Treatment Board of the Estremera prison has resolved the initial classification of him in second degree or ordinary regime. He will serve three quarters of the sentence in August 2023.

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