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The cap on gas places Spain among the European countries with the cheapest electricity. The so-called Iberian exception has allowed Spain and Portugal to contain the increases of its wholesale electricity market this summer, while other European countries such as Germany or France, which until now have been used as an example, beat record highs.

Two statements of conformity they have prevented three sexual aggressors from entering prison in exchange for compensation and accessory penalties. These sentences, which have occurred in the case of two police officers who sexually abused an 18-year-old girl in Estepona and that of a day laborer who was raped and assaulted by her boss in Murciaare a tool that the defenses usually claim to reduce the sentence but that also require the 'yes' of the victims and the Prosecutor's Office.

Outside our borders, military maneuvers with live fire continue this Friday organized by China around Taiwan after the visit to the island of the president of the US Legislature, Nancy Pelosi, after long-range missile launches were recorded on Thursday.

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