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Monkeypox has claimed two fatalities so far in Spain. The shortage of vaccines, fear combined with ignorance and the rebirth of stigma on the group of gay and bisexual men is the trail that the infection also leaves behind. Experts and patients agree that the most important thing to stop the spread of this virus is that more vaccines arrive.

The importance of 2023 for the permanence of Pedro Sánchez in Moncloa has led the PSOE in recent weeks to rethink their electoral options for the battle of Madrid. The departure of Adriana Lastra from the deputy general secretary and the qualitative internal ones reduce the possibilities of the delegate of the Government, Mercedes González, whom the former number two pointed out as a candidate for the City Council.

The Association of Prosecutors and the Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors have been opposed to the decision of the Attorney General to control which members of the race prepare opponents and prevent them from later participating in the entrance exams and selection of applicants.

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