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Petro sympathizes with the families of the migrants killed in the Melilla jump: "Colombia will be next to life"

The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has shown solidarity with the families of the migrants killed in the Melilla jump via Twitter. "I once mentioned that the climate crisis would bring about the spread of hunger and exoduses," said the Colombian politician, while calling for union "against barbarism."

“The changes, the climate crisis, the inertia of the fossil economy will determine all world politics. Colombia will be next to life”, he added.

“My solidarity with all the African peoples who fight against hunger and fight for life. My solidarity with the families of the men and women massacred in Melilla ”, she has settled.

This Friday there was an attempt to jump the fence in Melilla in which At least 37 migrants have died on the Moroccan side. In addition to the deceased, there were also 76 injured among the migrants, 13 of them seriously. The deaths occurred at a time of stampede of the mass of people, estimated at 2,000 by the Spanish authorities, or due to injuries sustained when falling to the ground when climbing the fence. Although at the moment the version of the migrants and the companions of the deceased is unknown.

Migrants, wounded and exhausted, dumped on the Moroccan side of the border after jumping the Melilla fence

— (@eldiarioes) June 25, 2022

This Saturday, had access to a sequence of images in which you can see dozens of young migrants lying on the ground, one next to another with gestures of pain on the Moroccan side of the fence, while Moroccan forces hold them .

VIDEO | Migrants, wounded and exhausted, dumped on the Moroccan side of the border after jumping the Melilla fence.

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A new missile attack hits a residential building in kyiv

A new missile attack has shaken kyiv this morning, after a few weeks of relative calm. No fatalities have been reported so far, although there have been several injuries. Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko has said that seven people may have been injured in the attacks and that at least eight missiles were fired. Another MP had said, according to the Guardian, that at least 14 had been launched.

Instead of Sunday morning lie-ins #kyiv has been up since 5 am with air raids, explosions and fires courtesy of #russia. At least 8 missiles were launched on 🇺🇦 capital. Residential buildings hit and 7 #civilianCasualties so far

— Lesia Vasylenko (@lesiavasylenko) June 26, 2022

Last June 5 another attack hit the city after more than a month without attacks. It should be remembered that Russia changed its strategy and focused all its forces on the east and south of Ukraine.

"On the morning of June 26, a rocket hit a 9-story residential building in kyiv, there are victims, people remain under the rubble," said Klitschko and reports EFE, who said that "some residents were evacuated, two victims were hospitalized”.

Another victim was taken out from under the rubble of a building in Kyiv - probably the mother of a 7-year-old girl who is already in hospital.

Russia shelled Kyiv at 6:30 am today June 26th.

— Euromaidan Press (@EuromaidanPress) June 26, 2022

The mayor of kyiv reported that rescue teams have heard voices coming from under the rubble, from which a seven-year-old girl was rescued.

According to the local agency Ukrainska Pravda, as a result of the impact of the missile, the last three floors of the building were partially destroyed, where a fire broke out.

The impact against the kyiv building occurred the day after the entry into force of a curfew for the population of the capital, which is in force from eleven at night until five in the morning from Saturday and until July 3.

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Russian Defense Minister visits troops in Ukraine for the first time

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has made his first inspection visit to the Russian military contingent stationed in Ukraine, his press office reported on Sunday.

"The Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu inspected the group of troops participating in the military operation in Ukraine," Defense said in a statement published on Telegram.

In his first visit to the zone of military actions that has been reported since the beginning of the "special operation", on February 24, Shoigú received at the command posts "reports from the commanders on the situation and the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in the main operational directions”

Report EFE.

On month five of the war, Russia's defense minister Sergei Shoigu visits Ukraine for the first time.

— Yaroslav Trofimov (@yarotrof) June 26, 2022

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Biden announces that the G7 will ban gold imports from Russia

The US president, Joe Biden, announced this Sunday that the G7, whose leaders meet from this Sunday in Germany, will announce the ban on the import of gold from Russia among the measures aimed at sanctioning the invasion of Ukraine by that country.

Biden said on Twitter that "together with the G7 we will announce that we are banning the import of Russian gold, a major import that brings in tens of billions of dollars to Russia."

The US president added on the social network that "the United States has imposed unprecedented costs against (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to deprive him of the income he needs to finance his war against Ukraine."

The purpose of the summit is to expand the sanctions already imposed by the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Canada, British sources indicated, according to which Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try to convince the rest of the G7 - that is, including the partners of the European Union (EU), Germany, France and Italy - to join this step.

Johnson considers that "a direct blow must be dealt to the Russian oligarchs", touch "the heart of the arms industry" of President Vladimir Putin and choke his sources of financing.

Report EFE.

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