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8:30 a.m.

Protests against the NATO summit this weekend in Madrid

The state platform 'NATO No' deploys the alternative conference for peace on Friday and Saturday, in opposition to the summit of the Atlantic Alliance that is held next week in Madrid. The protest will have broad support from IU leaders and also from United We Can, but with low-profile positions. The position of these formations is contrary to that of the PSOE, which on several occasions has highlighted the importance of this meeting being held in Spain, because it will put the country "at the center of the world".

In this way, in the CCOO's 'Marcelino Camacho' auditorium, different panels will be displayed against the increase in arms spending that will be raised at the NATO Summit, they will reflect on demilitarized security mechanisms, the food crisis or climate change, among others aspects.

On Sunday they have scheduled a demonstration in Madrid to express their rejection of the Atlantic Alliance and even demand its dissolution, as stated in the unitary manifesto of the organizations that make up the platform.

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The other (anti) NATO summit in Madrid

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