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Three days for the elections in Andalusia and the candidates continue with the acts that lead them towards the end of the campaign, which will take place tomorrow, Friday. This Thursday, the Ciudadanos candidate, Juan Marín, assures in an interview in that without his party "he will not be" in the Andalusian Government, "neither as an independent nor as anything else". Likewise, he expresses that he is convinced that "the PP will negotiate a government with Vox before repeating elections."

Furthermore, in the PP, the ghost of corruption reappears in this last week around 19J. This Monday, Bárcenas returned to the front pages with the party's request for the acquittal of his former treasurer. A day later, on Tuesday, Rajoy was charged in Andorra to clarify his participation in the political police during his government and yesterday the opening of an oral trial against the fire cartel. Juan Manuel Moreno, despite this, arrives on Sunday with the certainty that he is going to win at the polls.

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