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8:26 a.m.

The trial for the 'Cursach case' begins this Monday in Palma

The trial for the 'Cursach case' begins this Monday at the Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands, starting at 9:45 a.m., with a total of 23 defendants and a reduction in requests for prison sentences for the main defendants, the nightlife businessman Bartolomé Cursach and his right-hand man, Bartolomé Sbert.

The oral hearing of the judicial process is indicated by the First Section of the Provincial Court until April 2023. For approximately ten months, five members of the Cursach Group, four officials and 14 agents of the Palma Local Police will be tried.

The private accusations filed in the case maintain their request for sentences, but the Public Prosecutor's Office presented, just two weeks ago, a new letter in which it withdraws the accusation against eight people, one of whom died during the judicial investigation phase.

In addition, the Prosecutor's Office reduces its request for a prison sentence for Cursach to a year and a half after not attributing a crime of continued active bribery and coercion. Initially, the Prosecutor's Office requested eight and a half years in prison. As for Cursach's 'number 2', another of the main defendants in this case, the Prosecutor's Office also reduces his request for a prison sentence to three and a half years after eliminating the crime of active bribery.

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