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The rupture of foreign trade relations by Algeria with respect to Spain has put a point in the relationship between the two countries. The open crisis with this country has led the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, to cancel a trip to the US to meet in Brussels with the Economic Vice President of the Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis.

Albares has indicated that he is "exactly analyzing the implications of this measure, the practical scope, both at a national and European level", referring to the Agreement between the EU and Algeria. Once this analysis is completed, the minister has advanced, the Government will be able to "give the appropriate response." The European Commission, for its part, has asked Algeria to back down and has described its decision as "extremely worrying".

In Andalusia, the campaign reaches its halfway point. For the moment, the calm profile of the candidate for re-election, Juan Manuel Moreno, who asks to lose the fear of voting for the PP, the call to stop the right-wing of the socialist Juan Espadas or the low participation of the extreme right-wing candidate, has stood out. Macarena Olona. The polls point to a victory for the PP, although it will need the support of Vox to be able to govern.

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