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First face to face between Sánchez and Feijóo since he was elected president of the national PP in an extraordinary congress of the PP two months ago. In his debut as leader of the opposition, the former president of the Xunta will seek this afternoon in the Senate to contrast his economic model with that of Sánchez.

Specifically, the question that Feijóo has registered reads as follows: "Does the President of the Government consider that his Executive is up to the needs of Spanish families?" The general secretary of the popular party has assured that in this debate the Spaniards will be able to verify the differences in "substance and form" between the model of the president of the Government compared to the model of the leader of his party.

Tuesday of the Council of Ministers, in which the Executive is going to approve the creation of a special Commissioner for the reconstruction of the island of La Palma. At the head of it will be the current Secretary of State for Finance. In addition, the plenary session of Congress debates a bill from the PSOE to fight against pimping. The proposal was outside the law of 'only yes is yes'.

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