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8:41 a.m.

The BOE publishes the reform of the Regulations of the Congress so that the deputies of institutional trip can vote electronically

The BOE has published the reform of the Regulations of the Congress by which article 82.2 is modified and, as of this Friday, the deputies who must be absent from the vote in a plenary session to fulfill commitments of institutional representation in international forums in the abroad may do so by telematic procedure.

Until now, the Lower House allowed telematic voting in cases of pregnancy, maternity, paternity or serious illness that, due to preventing the performance of the parliamentary function and taking into account the special circumstances, is considered sufficiently justified. The new wording now extends this option to "exceptional situations of special gravity", thus covering the assumption of a new pandemic in the future.

Likewise, this voting regime will apply to the members of the Permanent Delegations of the Cortes Generales in Parliamentary Assemblies and to the deputies who have institutional representation commitments abroad “at European, Ibero-American, NATO, G-20 summits, etc. as well as official meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, of its Conventions, or assimilated", when participation in their official activities prevents them from attending the vote in plenary session, includes this modification of the BOE.

Europe Press reports.

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