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This Thursday, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, will preside over the inauguration of Esperanza Casteleiro as the new director of the CNI after the dismissal of Paz Esteban for the espionage scandal with Pegasus. Also in the midst of this case, the reform of the National Security Law arrives in Congress. The bill was approved in the Council of Ministers last February and Minister Bolaños will presumably be in charge of defending it in the Lower House. There, Esquerra and Junts will present their amendments to the entirety with the intention that the text be returned to the Executive.

In court, this Thursday the judge of the 'mask case' questions Carlos Martínez-Almeida, cousin of the mayor of Madrid, as a witness. The purpose of the statement is to rule out whether there was favorable treatment for Luis Medina and to clarify the terms in which the call took place in which he gave him the contact of the person in charge of Purchasing of the Madrid City Council to offer medical supplies.

And in Galicia, Alfonso Rueda (PP), his until now vice president, will be sworn in today as president of the Xunta, in succession to Feijóo. Rueda is going to become, with the only support of the PP (42 of the 75 seats in Parliament), predictably the sixth president in the history of the Galician Autonomy.

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