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This Friday the President of the Government travels to Barcelona. There he will coincide with Pere Aragonès at the XXXVII Reunió Cercle d'Economia. It will be the first time that they see each other since the espionage with Pegasus came to light, first to more than 60 people related to the independence movement and later to the Minister of Defense and Pedro Sánchez himself, and also later that the director of the CNI has recognized in her statement in Congress that was spied to 18 independentistas with judicial authorization of the Supreme Court, including the President of the Generalitat himself. Moncloa Fountains they have denied that Sánchez ordered or was aware espionage to Aragonès.

Since the beginning of the controversy Aragonès and the Government have raised the tone before the Government to demand that it clarify the espionage, assume responsibilities and resign, and have restricted relations because they consider that the trust between the two governments has been broken.

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will also attend this meeting of the Cercle d'Economia to present his economic plan that his party has drawn up to deal with inflation.

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