January 28, 2021

Latam reduces its international routes to Santiago, Sao Paulo and three US cities.

The Chilean airline Latam reported this Sunday that it will reduce its international traffic to routes between the cities of Santiago de Chile and the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, and from these destinations to three cities in the United States.

The airline’s decision was due to “travel restrictions by authorities and lower demand following the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Through a statement made public on its website, Latam said the measure will affect additional international routes until April 30.

Only flights between the Chilean capital and Sao Paulo will continue to operate, as well as those that operate from this Brazilian city and Miami and New York, and from Santiago de Chile to Miami and Los Angeles.

Despite maintaining these routes, Latam warned that their continuation or the reopening of other trips that are currently suspended will depend on the variations in the travel restrictions that the different countries determine.

Regarding the passengers affected by this decision of the Chilean airline, they indicated that it will not be necessary to carry out any procedure due to the cancellations.

“All passengers with canceled flights do not need to take any immediate action. The value of their ticket will be automatically kept as a credit for future trips, or they can reschedule the date of their flight, at no cost, until December 31 of this year “They indicated through the statement.

Latam had already reduced its operations by 70% on March 16, which meant the suspension of 90% of international flights and 40% of domestic travel.


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