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Lastra warns that, "although the right is presented with many acronyms", it is only one that "comes to destroy"

Lastra warns that, "although the right is presented with many acronyms", it is only one that "comes to destroy"

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE and spokesperson for the socialist group in Congress, Adriana Lastra, has warned that "winning does not mean governing" and that, although the right is presented "with many acronyms", it is really only one that it comes to "destroy and devastate what has been built over the last 40 years".

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Lastra has made these demonstrations in a ceremony held in Barakaldo (Bizkaia), in which the Secretary General of the Basque Socialists, Idoia Mendia, also spoke; the head of list for the Congress by Bizkaia, Patxi López; and the mayoral candidate of Barakaldo, Alfredo Retortillo.

In his speech, Lastra has been proud of the management of Pedro Sanchez at the head of the Spanish Executive and has warned of the arrival of a "right with many acronyms" but that in the end is "a single right that comes to destroy the built for 40 years. " "As important as building a country is to prevent them from destroying it," he added.

According to he has defended, the seven years of management of Mariano Rajoy represented "cuts to the rights and liberties" in opposition to a socialist government that has improved in the last ten months the minimum wage interprofessional. "You have to be miserable to think that a worker can not charge 900 euros, that's the right we have," he said.

Also, he has argued that next April 28 is at stake "what kind of country" is wanted, if one "inclusive and diverse" or that of Spain "homogeneous, monocolor, a Spain in black and white."

In this sense, he has criticized the "alpha males who come mounted on horse talking about guns and guns" - in reference to Vox leader, Santiago Abascal - and a right that seeks "to benefit private education against public , cut health, as well as capitalize the pension system ".

Thus, has argued that pensions "have a future if there is a PSOE government at the head of the country" against a right that is committed to "destroy the welfare state" and that "a privileged minority governs over a majority lack of rights "


"A right of alpha males that considers women third-class citizens and that questions gender-based violence", he pointed out, adding that in Spain "justice is not fair with women and when a case of rape is reported first they ask you is if you closed your legs well ".

After noting that "sex in addition to being consented must be desired", she stressed that young women should be clear that "only yes is yes". "In Andalusia, the first thing the right has done was to ask for a blacklist of workers against gender violence, they start there but then there will be a list of gays and a list of reds," he argued.

Finally, he stressed that the next April 28 "win does not mean to govern" because "if the three right sum the three right govern" and, therefore, "we have to stop to the right" to achieve "a Spain where we enter everyone". "While some are motivated by flags to others, we are motivated by the single Social Security box", he concluded.

For its part, the Socialist Secretary General, Idoia Mendia, has warned that it is "a certainty" that Vox formations seek to "end the laws of historical memory, but" also "the PP, while Cs" will be in this tripartite to repeal a law that has restored dignity to thousands of families. "

Mendia has opted for "consolidating the government of change" of Pedro Sanchez and has stressed that "abstention is not an option and stay at home serves to consolidate the right." "We do not just want to win, we want to govern," he said.

He also pointed out that the "Colón trio" - PP, Cs and Vox - seeks to "dismantle what the socialist president Pedro Sánchez" has built: "decent pensions, public education, or equality for women."

"The Government of Pedro Sánchez collaborates with municipalities and with the Basque Government ... it is a government that talks about what has been lacking in Spain," he concluded.


For his part, the exlehendakari and head of list for Bizkaia to Congress, Patxi Lopez, has considered that, "for the first time", there is a "serious threat" to the bases of the model of coexistence built over decades, as well as a questioning " of equality and of rights and freedoms ".

In this sense, he has criticized that PP and Cs "do not do like their counterparts in Europe" and instead of "repudiating the extreme right they agree with them and they blend in". "It is difficult to distinguish the barbarities said Casado Abascal says," he has denounced.

For his part, the mayoralty candidate in Barakaldo, Alfredo Retortillo, has opted to "fill the ballot box with socialist votes" since the future is at stake. Thus, faced with the "walls" that want to "build the rights", the candidate has also denounced those who "resort to the flags to hide injustices."

Finally, he criticized the "arrogance" of Pablo Casado, the "petulance" of Albert Rivera and the "ardor guerrero" of Santiago Abascal that seek to "poison coexistence and society.


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