Lastra says they will seek support from "everyone who wants a country of progress"

Lastra says they will seek support from "everyone who wants a country of progress"

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, said today that to approve next year's budgets, the Socialists will continue to seek the support of all the parliamentary groups that want this to be a country of progress. "

Lastra, who has moved today to the Asturian municipality of Corvera to announce the elimination of a railway barrier between two neighborhoods, has insisted that, following the agreement with Podemos, they will try to approve budgets with the support of all those who want that raise the minimum wage and pensions, and that they want that the wealth that has been generated in this country is redistributed.

"In this country, a lot of wealth has been generated, but it has not been distributed, the millionaires have tripled, but a brutal inequality has been generated in the middle and working classes," the Socialist spokeswoman in the Congress affirmed.

Lastra has indicated that it is a good budget that currently has the support of Podemos, but that, in general, the PNV sees with good eyes.

"I am convinced that there will be a parliamentary majority to get this country to prosper and we will all leave the crisis together," he added.

PSOE's relationship with Podemos, said that after the motion of censorship have worked "well and coordinated", a situation that is expected to play also in Asturias, where the training and socialists were not able to reach a budget agreement for this year.

In the face of the negotiation that will be opened to try to reach a consensus on the regional accounts next year, Lastra has asked Podemos Asturies to take into account what has been done in Madrid and deal with the negotiation without red lines.


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