Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Lastra does not see a proposal that "anticipates a government crisis"

The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE and spokesman in Congress, Adriana Lastra, has justified the rejection of his party to the latest proposal of Podemos, a coalition government to test, because "an offer that already anticipates a government crisis is not a serious proposal. "

In an interview on Telemadrid, Lastra has confessed that the Socialists were surprised yesterday by the call of Iglesias with his proposal to "experiment with the Government" and to have "ministers tested."

"It is not a serious proposal, it is not," said the Socialist leader, who does see her party's offer of a programmatic agreement. "What we can do is sign a contract, a contract of 'we are going to do all this with the budgets on the table and with the guarantees'" to fulfill it, he said.

Lastra recalled that last Wednesday, when Pablo Iglesias set the example of Italy to defend the coalition, that "Italy is not an example of anything" because the government of that country is "for a little while" and that is not what he wants to Spain the PSOE.

The Government of Spain is a "very serious thing" and we only need Podemos to not go to elections, the number two of the Socialists has continued.

On the other hand, Adriana Lastra has considered that who does want elections is the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, because he has been talking for weeks about the coalition he defends, Spain Suma, a formula that he does not think is finished because Citizens will not accept it.

And as for the proposal of the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of an agreement between PP and PSOE, he has indicated that it is not possible because these two parties do not seem "at all" and have neither a common social nor fiscal agenda.

The acting Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has also ruled in this regard, assuring that in no case has the PSOE asked the PP to "support" an investiture of the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, or Casado "any type of close up".

"The citizens supported the PSOE to lead a new stage, so it is a matter of requiring (the PP) to behave in the same way that the PSOE did before the blockade of Mr. Mariano Rajoy," Montero explained in an interview in the Chain Be.

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