Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Lastra asks Podemos to talk about the program and denies that the PSOE offered Rivera a vice president in 2016

In an interview with Cadena SER, Lastra did not want to reveal if Pablo Iglesias demanded a vice presidency in a coalition executive. "That damages a negotiation, it's sterile, but if it's not a problem of names, where is the problem?" He stressed, asking that Podemos sit down to talk about a programmatic agreement and "do not put your partisan interests first."

In this sense, she has defended that she as head of the negotiations on the part of the PSOE treats with respect the terms of the negotiation and that "her mouth does not leak".

On the insistence of Podemos that the PSOE will open to negotiate after a failed investiture, Lastra has wondered if it will change something in the 'purple' party after the summer. What can change from July to September, will something change, will the positions be modified? That's why we say there's no second chance. We do not play political tacticism or get entangled with words, "Lastra said, rejecting the PSOE playing a frustrated investiture.

The parliamentary spokesman of the PSOE has denied that Sanchez offered to Podemos an abstention in the investiture on July 22. "We want the endowment to be supported, they have to be the numbers, 176 yeses," he said, while collecting the glove of Irene Montero about a future meeting and stressed that if Podemos is willing they could see this same late.


Also, the deputy secretary-general socialist has called "false news" some information that has circulated around the conversations of Podemos. In this regard, he stressed that "it is not true" that Sanchez told Iglesias to seek a pact with the right to the investiture, or that in the investiture of 2016 the PSOE offered a vice president to Albert Rivera.

"They are both false and leave the same site, we have been silent because we want the negotiation to come to fruition," explained the number two of the PSOE.

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