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The Government agrees with the unions to raise the minimum wage to 965 euros per month since September

The minimum wage will go up 15 euros a month from this September. Now, the Government has reached an agreement with the majority unions to increase the SMI by 1.6% to 965 euros per month in 14 payments. The increase in the lowest wages will be approved without the backing of the employers' associations, who have completely refused any increase in 2021. Once the tensions in the government coalition on this issue, which have existed until the last moment, have been overcome, The Executive will give the green light to the rise for the last four months of the year, with retroactive effects from September 1. The measure is estimated to directly benefit 1.5 million workers.

This Thursday has been convulsive. The day began with the news from Cadena Ser that the agreement between the Ministry of Labor and the unions to raise the minimum wage was taken for granted, which was later denied in a press conference by the CCOO leader, Unai Sordo. Sources from the Ministry of Labor also explained that there was still no pact on the matter, although it was trying to finalize.

Inform Laura Olías and Irene castro.

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