Last minute on the coronavirus and the investiture debate in Catalonia

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Cantó’s signing confronts Ayuso with Casado’s management and remains in the air for doubts about his registration

The incorporation of the former deputy of Ciudadanos and UPyD Toni Cantó to the Popular Party of Madrid lists for the early elections on May 4 will be an unknown until the electoral Board determines if Cantó can be a candidate. The Valencian, who continues to appear in the census of his hometown, registered in Madrid just “a few days” ago, as he himself declared this Thursday in several television interviews. His words raise the doubt as to whether he can be a candidate according to the different electoral laws, which establish that he must be registered before the electoral call, something that would not have happened. In the PP, they hope to solve the problem by taking advantage of an article of the regional electoral law and defend that “it can be presented perfectly.” From the Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the regional government, Madrid’s president Isabel Díaz Ayuso still refuses to confirm it as part of the list that she will head for the 4M.

Report Fatima Caballero.

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